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Project Booster's WatShot is online! If you like, support it!

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The Project Booster allows great ideas to go viral with the help of their friends. Start a project on WatShot and show it to everyone! Your project will be posted to every account on a defined date, at the same time. Click on the link to see how those posts will look like.

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Following an idea is hard. Getting the word spread is even harder. On great ideas and projects get the chance to multiply their social reach and take off by collective sharing. Create a project and go viral.

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What is collective sharing?

Each created project has 2 days to collect the initial supporters. The project will be posted to those supporters facebook accounts at the same time (D1: Collective post, example)... If the number of D2 supporters outreaches the number of D1 supporters the project is likely to go viral.

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How do I win an award?

The award system is a gimmick that rewards successful projects with extra credits and by showing them in different places on the platform. The ultimate boost will be given to the project with the most WatShots as it will be shown to everyone who supports any project in the upcoming month.

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